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Each year the Rhode Island Coverts Project looks for woodland owners and other interested individuals who want to learn more about their forests and the wildlife that live in them in exchange for a commitment to share that knowledge with others in their community. Up to twenty-five (25) woodland owners are chosen annually to participate in the two and one-half day workshop that focuses on forest ecology and stewardship, wildlife management and land conservation. The training consists of both indoor and field sessions, as well as informal time to learn from fellow participants. In addition, each participant is given materials to take home. The seminar includes meals, lodging, and reference materials that allow them to either answer questions on forest and wildlife management, or direct the questioner to the  proper professionals. In exchange, participants are asked to return to their communities and share what they've learned with others and work to help build a statewide Cooperator network.


2017 Coverts Cooperator Class

2010 Coverts Cooperator Class

2009 Coverts Cooperator Class

2008 Coverts Cooperator Class


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